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At KiwiNymphNZ we utilise experience and collaboration with a desire for excellence to handcraft rods that perform  at the highest level through innovative design and cutting edge materials.

We build contemporary, high end Euro nymphing rods for optimum performance under demanding New Zealand conditions, combining innovation, functionality, and world class components with discerning anglers in mind.


The Quantum Series fly rods are designed for excellence in performance and aesthetic quality.  They have an ultra fast action with a smooth transitioning action throughout their length resulting in fly rods that are ideal for delicate situations, while maintaining precision, casting authority and power when needed.  The Quantum Series rods are each built on a world-class CTS rod blank combined with REC guides and REC reelseat which are among the world’s best components.  Each handle is handcrafted in our workshop from the finest Portugese top flor grade cork and the reelseat insert is hand lathed from stunning burl wood.

QUANTUM ELITE  10' 4"  #3


The Quantum Elite 10ft 4in  #3 weight rod is designed primarily for typical New Zealand rivers in summer and autumn conditions using Euro style level fly lines and mono leaders and moderately weighted flies with the power to land large fish.  It was designed with a broad range of rivers such as the Whakapapa, Whanganui, Rangitikei, Mohaka and others in mind.

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QUANTUM POWER  10' 4"  #4


The Quantum Power 10ft 4in  #4 weight rod is designed primarily for swift heavy rivers in winter such as the Tongariro using Euro style level fly lines and mono leaders with heavily weighted flies or split shot and landing big fish in fast current.

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EURO ELITE 10'4" #3      EURO POWER 10'4" #4

The Euro Series rods represent an economical variation to the KiwiNymphNZ range utilising the same superb blanks but fitted with lower cost components.  In an era of rising costs across the spectrum, we recognise that the Quantum Series rods may not suit all pockets.  So, the Euro Series are mid-range priced rods using the same superb CTS blanks with high end action and custom designed function to give you an outstanding experience on the river.  The reality is that top quality rods don't come cheap but savings may be made in appropriate places.

At KiwiNymphNZ, we don't believe in producing budget rods from low end mass-produced blanks as superb rod action is not only intrinsic to developing a more advanced skill range but also adds to to the enjoyment when using the rod.  Additionally, our rods are designed to maximise your casting range and adapt to a wide arena of Euro nymphing scenarios, including the power to handle large fish.  However, more economical guides and reel fitting keep the material cost down without sacrificing rod action.  We believe a custom lathe turned cork handle produced to our specifications is still more beneficial to get the most out of the rod.  So, the Euro Series rods each utilise an eight inch ultra slim handle turned from superb quality extra grade cork with the same custom made fighting butt as the Quantum Series rods.  The Euro Series rods are finished with stylish black wrappings.

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Redefining Euro style fly rods for New Zealand conditions.

Developing a Euro rod for a specific set of parameters that performs at a high level involves consideration of design throughout the length of the blank. Combined with  the latest technology, precision engineered blank and components together with stealth and an aesthetic sensibility in mind.

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