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Redefining Euro rods
for New Zealand trout


Reimagining Euro nymphing fly rods New Zealand Tongariro

Occasionally, you stumble on a product that takes your fishing to another level.  It is widely accepted internationally that New Zealand company CTS produce some of the world’s best rod blanks.  We were alerted to CTS blanks by the guys in the Spanish Team at the World Youth Fly Fishing Championships where my son Johnny competed.  On seeing their blanks, there was clearly potential for a game changing rod for Euro style fly fishing on our New Zealand rivers. 


Using superior design, engineering and materials in their world-class facility in Auckland, CTS produce high performance carbon fly rod blanks with exceptional recovery, that excel at creating quick, accurate casts.  CTS offer a custom design service.  We believe that a collaborative approach is vital to innovation and after a trip to the CTS factory in Auckland, their rod designer and production team delivered a remarkable rod blank to our customised specifications.  The first prototype was stunning but the modified version had a number of subtle adjustments to improve it and is an exceptional rod designed for purpose.  Further customised blanks have now been developed to broaden the KiwiNymphNZ range.


A superb fly rod goes beyond the blank. The concept of incremental gains used in elite sport and the importance of refining small details to collectively reach a superior product became a defining approach. This led to handcrafting rods built specifically for Euro nymphing in New Zealand conditions by combining the world’s finest blanks and components with thoughtful design to create an outstanding tool for the job. 


Each blank is fitted with REC Recoil Nickel-Titanium guides and REC reel seat as they are among the world’s best components.   REC create precisely manufactured components that are aesthetically beautiful, fit perfectly, function flawlessly, and last a lifetime.  


The reel seat inserts are fashioned from rare Amboyna burl, possibly the world’s most sought-after exotic wood.  Highly prized for its aesthetic quality, Amboyna was used on the first Rolls Royce dashboards.  The hardened Amboyna inserts are turned on our lathe.  They are finished with a natural oil blend to render them water resistant, allowing the insert to be polished to a classic sheen.  In the event that Amboyna burl is unavailable, exceptional Redwood burl is used for reel seat inserts.


The end result is a contemporary, high end Euro nymphing rod built for optimum performance under demanding New Zealand conditions, combining innovation, functionality, and world class components.  It is  an excellent choice of rod for the discerning angler.


Shaping the cork handle

The long cork handle is sanded down on a lathe to a thinner diameter than most fly rods for better grip and greater sensitivity to help detect subtle bites. Composite cork and burl cork are integrated into the handle for both durability and visual appeal.

Turning the reel seat insert

The hardened burl wood reel seat insert is handcrafted on a lathe.  The wood is soaked in a finishing oil to render it water resistant as well as bring out the rich figure of the burl.  Finally, it is sequentially polished to

a classic sheen.

Amboyna burl and Redwood burl are considered to be exceptional wood burls with magnificent figure and are the two chosen for Quantum Fly Rods depending on availability.

Lathe cork _MG_9759_1 copy.jpg
Horiz cork handle copy 2.jpg
lathe reel seat burl_MG_9816_1 copy.jpg
reversed Horiz IMG_0016_1-1 copy 5.jpg

Redwood burl

Amboyna burl


CTS Fly Rod Blanks

CTS blanks are manufactured here in New Zealand using computer generated design, with feedback from one design used to improve the next.  


CTS blanks are among the best in the world. They use 100%

uni-directional carbon fibre combined with a VeroCore™ carbon helix core to provide superior hoop strength during bending.  These blanks achieve optimal response and agility due to the lightweight, high strength characteristics of high modulus carbon, taking blank manufacture to a new level.


KiwiNymphNZ has utilised this advanced CTS technology to custom design blanks for the Quantum Series rods.

CTS Helical core copy 2.jpg



Rec Recoil black single foot ultralight nickel titanium guides are utilised to minimise weight and guide wrappings.  This helps to keep the rod performing at its best.

Single foot recoil.jpg
REC Snake guide.jpg



Two REC Recoil black ultralight nickel titanium snake guides are placed after the tip guide to minimise thin mono leaders wrapping around the tip of the rod when fishing.



The REC Cerecoil black ultralight nickel titanium stripper guide is a recoil guide with a ceramic lining to take the wear and tear of the line near the reel.

Cerecoil single foot flipped.jpg
ABGS Reelseat.jpg



The REC ABGS lightweight downlocking reel seat is produced from high strength, hardened, aircraft grade alloy anodised to exacting military and industrial standards. 


clearcut KWNZ Ferrule Wax tub.tif

Each rod is supplied with a tub of Ferrule Wax.  We highly recommend coating each of the male ferrules with ferrule wax before every session to minimise the possibility of a section slipping off during constant casting.  This also helps when dismantling sections.

new extra Extended_MG_0110_1-1 copy 3.jpg
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