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QUANTUM POWER  10' 4" #4
Reimagining Euro nymphing fly rods New Zealand Tongariro

The Quantum Power 10ft 4in #4 weight fly rod is designed primarily for swift heavy rivers in winter such as the Tongariro, using light Euro style level fly lines and mono leaders with moderately to heavily weighted flies or split shot rigs and landing big fish in fast current.  Extended range Euro methods with casts up to fifty feet are possible. 


Each area of the rod is created with a specific purpose in mind enabling the angler to make effortless controlled presentations of heavy Euro rigs long distances over turbulent current seams and to bring large fish to the net in fast water.


This rod has a fast action,  yet it displays a smooth transitioning action throughout its length due to its custom designed taper.  It loads smoothly and quickly into a solid mid area, resulting in a Euro nymphing fly rod that is ideal for low and high water situations, whilst maintaining precision, casting authority and power when needed.

The rod has an optimum length of 10’ 4” to maximise casting potential and reach to keep line off the water when fishing across current seams in large rivers, yet retain a positive swing weight.

It has a smooth but sensitive tip with the finesse to cast medium weighted flies from 3.5mm tungsten bead accurately, to detect subtle bites, and help with tippet protection.  


The middle area is designed to to take the force of casting medium to heavily weighted flies and split shot Euro rigs with long casts up to fifty feet, especially in large rivers and high water winter conditions.


The lower area is designed to support the middle region and give power and control over strong fish in fast current.

The ultralight guides on the Quantum Power #4 weight are wrapped with olive thread chosen to blend stealthily with the blank.

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